Holly Perzynski

Your lifestyle change awaits! Let’s begin this adventure together.

I relocated to Bend, OR from Seattle, WA for a lifestyle change. Back in September, 2013 I left my job of seven years, sold my house, and hopped in a U-Haul for a one-way trip to Central Oregon. Relocating to Bend from Seattle was the best decision of my life, however I endured the hardships and challenges of such a huge move; this includes navigating all of Bend’s roundabouts!

After settling into my new world and Bend’s vibrant community, I learned that people had stories just like mine. While leaving behind a chaotic and hectic life sounds like heaven, there’s quite a number of logistics and obstacles that go along with such a big lifestyle change. Learning from experience, it’s a transition that no one needs to go through alone. Everyone should have a trustworthy, authentic person to connect with as an advocate in this process—one that helps to make the transition of relocating much easier, so you can start enjoying your new life the moment you arrive!

What I do goes far beyond being your real estate agent. As Bend’s Relocation Specialist, I dedicate myself to being the best hostess! I take on the responsibility and privilege to make all my clients feel welcome. It’s sincerely important to me that you are comfortable, happy and hopeful the moment you arrive in this new town. You will have all the time you ask of me as if you were my only client. When we begin to search for the perfect home that fits YOUR life, I come alongside you, being diligent, genuine, and supportive. I honestly want your transition to be smooth and fulfilling.

With my experience, I am confident in finding a place that resonates with your new lifestyle, a place you will be very excited to call home.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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